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Indonesia Fishes Co . as established in Year-2001 by a group of local breeders who is interested in exporting owned breed tropical fish directly from our farms to international wholesaler. For more than 15 years, we have supplying our owned breed tropical fish to major fish exporters from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. Now, we come into the market to offer you the high quality tropical fish in local breeder price. For freshwater fish and invertebrates alone, we export 881 species originating from Asia, Africa, South America and Europe in 5, 863 different colours and varieties. Besides the bread and butter fish like guppies, platies, mollies, tetras, chiclid, etc., we also offer the more seasonal and rare fishes, invertebrates and amphibians. Our strong relationship with the local breeders network and wild fish collectors also ensures that we are usually the pioneer in the market with a new variety or breed. Hence, customers like you always stay ahead of the competition in your local market.
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